Advanced Future & Options

Duration: 20 hours

This is an advanced trading program where we teach trading strategies to go long or short the market with limited downside risk. Traders also learn more complex strategies like spreads and making adjustments that can be profitable under any market scenario. Traders graduate to trading options once they have had the fun of experiencing the highs and lows that price action trading offers, and are then looking for a low risk, high accuracy type of trading methodology. Options offer the same control on the underlying stock or index but with lesser risk. These derivatives offer opportunities to make profits with both, rise and fall in the price of the underlying instrument.

Course Details
  • Distinguish yourself as a derivatives specialist.
  • Understanding frame work of Derivatives market in India
  • Mechanics of Forward and Future Contracts
  • Hedging strategies using futures
  • Mechanics of Option contracts
  • Hedging strategies using options
  • Option Strategies
  • Daily earning strategies
  • Weekly earning strategies
  • Monthly earning strategies
  • Live trading in Future and Options in real market.

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Advanced Future & Options

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